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What do we do?



CanadaCleantech defines Clean Technologies as: 
Clean technology is new products, technologies, systems, services that simultaneously improve economic performance and reduce environmental footprint.


IN 2025, clean technology is one of Canada's top five exporting industries, nearly tripling current value to $20 billion annually in exports*


*Source: Report from Canada's Economic Strategy Tables: Clean Technology

Problem statement


Lacking a unified voice, the potential contribution of the Canadian Cleantech sector is undervalued and lacks the necessary weight to affect markets and policy domestically and internationally.



Leverage provincial/territorial strengths and expertise to be the "reference" and the national voice of the cleantech sector in canada




Support Canadian Cleantech businessES innovate, grow and export so that they can create good quality jobs and wealth for Canadians


•CONNECT – A network of networks, CanadaCleantech brings together start ups, companies, institutions and organizations producing, implementing or supporting the use of cleantech with the goal to create synergies and share knowledge.


•CREATE OPPORTUNITIES – CanadaCleantech supports cleantech ventures, by increasing access to domestic and international markets, capital and talents.


•ADVISE – We support Canada’s cleantech sector and a greener, stronger economy in Canada through policy advocacy that reduces barriers to innovation and to cleantech adoption.


•BRAND – CanadaCleantech works to position Canada as a global leader in cleantech abroad and as the best destination for cleantech capital, for early adopters and for innovators.


As a Canadian non-profit organization, we leverage provincial and territorial strengths to be the reference, the national voice for the cleantech sector nationwide. Aside from the co-founders, our network extends to 200+ cleantech CEOs and several Provincial/Territorial organizations. CanadaCleantech uses a comprehensive and coordinated approach that takes regional realities into account. It encourages its partners to go beyond sharing information and emphasizes joint value creation by generating new knowledge together.

CanadaCleantech advocacy work counts on the stakeholders council, its network of more than 200 cleantech CEOs and several Provincial/Territorial organizations experience and perspectives. CanadaCleantech Alliance coordinates regional clusters, associations and hubs to identify and crowdsource issues, obtain guidance and mobilize for change. 

Canada ranks 2nd globally in early entrepreneurship and
4th globally as a cleantech Innovator