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Funding available for an Exploratory Mission to do business in Latin America @The Green Expo, Mexico

July 11, 2018

CanadaCleantech is organizing a trade mission to Mexico in the environment and energy sectors, to be held in Mexico City from September 3 to 7, including a personalized program of business meetings and a visit to the Green Expo trade show. Benefit from the contacts of the Trade Commissioner Service on site as well as funding for your trip by registering before July 31st.



Renewable energies

  • Sector very open to private and foreign investment

  • Projects with more than 5,000 MW of wind power under development (Source: Mexican Wind Energy Association)

  • 200 wind energy companies based in Mexico (Source: Mexican Wind Energy Association)

  • Target: 35% of Mexico's energy should come from renewable sources over the next six years (Ministry of Energy)

  • Mexico's wind potential: 50,000 MW

  • Comparison of wind energy prices (USD vs MWh)

  • 37 solar energy projects under construction, with an investment of more than USD 5,000,000 (Source: Asociación Mexicana de Energía Solar)

  • Projected capacity in 2020: 5,000 MW (Source: Mexican Solar Energy Association

  • 85% of Mexico's territory is optimal for the installation of solar panels (Source: Mexican Association of Solar Energy)

Water treatment

  • Mexico City has one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the world: Atotonilco, completed in 2017 and with a treatment capacity of 50 m3 / s.

  • Only 63% of Mexico's wastewater is treated, and it is an environmental priority to increase this figure.

  • There are various soil remediation projects under way with PEMEX (the Mexican oil company).

Sustainable development and green building

  • The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, announced at the "One Planet" Summit that the pilot phase of the carbon market will begin next year, which will be the first of its kind in Latin America, and offer support to finance projects. against climate change. He said the carbon market would operate from the Mexican stock exchange, which will involve about 500 industries and where a prize will be awarded for about 400 million tons of CO2e.

  • LEED certification in Mexico is voluntary and there are just over 1,000 registered buildings and 329 certified buildings. In Latin America, Mexico is just below Brazil (461 certificates) and ranks globally in position 9.


Privileged contacts within the Trade Commissioner Service include:

  • Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA)

  • Mining companies like Grupo México, First Majestic, GoldCorp and AGNICO Eagle

  • Local Government (Queretaro, Sonora, Zacatecas)

  • Construction companies like ICA and ICA Fluor.

  • National Council of Ecological Industries of Mexico

  • Ministry of the Environment of Mexico

  • Energy companies and water treatment companies like Suez and IBERDROLA.

Tailored program: To be able to take advantage of these privileged contacts, and to meet potential partners in personalized B2B meetings or to participate in The Green Expo (photo below), register today and until July 31 by contacting victoria@canadacleantechalliance.ca


CanadaCleantech, with the support of the Government of Canada, wishes to facilitate the participation of Canadian companies in the Green Expo conference, on the sidelines of which the Québec Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation is organizing this trade mission. Participants can receive a refund of up to 50% of airfare, congress registration, accommodation and local transportation (the amount and number of refunds are limited).

For any other question, do not hesitate to contact Victoria Smaniotto, victoria@canadacleantechalliance.ca




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