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Launch of Canada's newest Water Technology accelerator: Waternext

October 13, 2017

A new water cleantech accelerator has been launched in western Canada. WaterNEXT was launched in Alberta on September 12th to help develop the next generation of Canadian water technologies and solutions. More info: https://waternext.ca 


Water Next will introduce entrepreneurs to water industry investors and global industry experts, offering consulting advice, access, and networks with water industry peers and funding and mentoring partners. The organization’s aim is to develop and position entrepreneurs and companies with market-ready products and to assist in the commercialization process.  




Industry snapshot: 

Globally, the importance of water cannot be understated: 3 out of 4 jobs are water dependant, and in Alberta more than 50% of GDP is water dependant.  Water issues transcend all industries and impact all communities and economic opportunities. Globally, freshwater will no longer be available by 2050 if current water use per capita continues.  The challenges faced by water industry professionals are significant. Water technology acceleration is critical for the global economy and community prosperity.

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