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MARCH 2016

CanadaCleantech Alliance was created in March 2016 as an alliance between the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance, BC Cleantech CEO Alliance, MaRs Discovery and Ecotech Quebec. It aims to provide a national voice for Canada’s cleantech sector and to serve as a focal point to help transition Canada to a stronger, climate-resilient economy.

APRIL 2016

CEOs from nearly 200 cleantech companies and investors across Canada signed a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with recommendations on how the Canadian government can accelerate economic growth, job creation and environmental benefits. The recommendations build on the federal government’s 2016 Budget commitments to protect the environment and grow the economy. 

JUNE 2016

CanadaCleantech delivered its recommendations to the Working Group on Clean Technology, Innovation and Jobs for accelerating commercialization, growth, employment and scale across Canada’s cleantech sector. For each recommendation, the document lists the problem, and proposed solutions, examples of existing programs and the potential impact. 


2017 Clean 50 recognizes a remarkable group of individuals who have done much to fight climate change, and raise awareness of how transition to a low carbon economy is a remarkable opportunity for Canada and Canadians to embrace. The four members of the Board were recognized under this honourary title.


In response to the 2016 Final Report by the Working Group on Clean Technology, Innovation and Jobs, CanadaCleantech issued an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to highlight points in the document and call for government's action.

MARCH 2017

CanadaCleantech secured a position in the budget lock-up and published its cleantech highlights. About 300 industry stakeholders have received the document at the time of the budget release. Budget 2017 refered to CanadaCleantech, highlighting a comment from our submission to the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Working Group on Cleantech.